Mini Bus vs Motor Coach: Which Charter Bus is Right for You?

A charter bus is a large or small coach that can be hired to transport a group of people to a particular destination. It is a popular option for group travelling. It offers a comfortable, convenient, cost-efficient and safe journey for everyone. A chartered bus rental assures that all the people in the group can travel together without any fuss. They can travel to a single destination or stop at a variety of places before reaching the final stop. Denny Bus Lines offers a wide range of motor coach rentals in Toronto.

Mini Bus vs Motor Coach: Pick the Right Charter Bus

You may be looking for travelling options for a church group or a sports team, a charter bus suits the requirements of all types of groups perfectly. Two of the most common types are the motor coach and the minibus.

Mini-buses are smaller and function great as a shuttle service for a single day group travel. They are more compact and can accommodate up to 30 passengers with a wide centre aisle. They have many luxury features like tinted privacy glass, leather seats, A/V systems and reclining seats which are also found in motor coaches.
These are typically used for short-distance travel or mid-sized groups. You can use it for:
  1.  Business conferences – The conference venues can be at different locations. A charter minibus ensures the group stays together throughout the travel.
  2.  Wedding Parties – You can charter mini buses to get your large group of wedding guests to the venue or to and from the hotel.
  3.  Sports Team – Get your high school team to and from a tournament. The players and coach can relax as well as reach the venue on time without worries.
  4.  Political Group – When organizing political campaigns, charter a minibus to get your volunteers to locations safely.

• Motor coaches are larger and better for long-distance travel. They are best suited for 36 to 60 people. They have below-deck luggage compartments, reclining full-width seats or beds, additional space for carry-on bags above seats and restrooms making long-distance journeys comfortable. Depending on the bus model, you may also find video monitors, DVD players, public address systems and power outlets for computers and Wi-Fi. Motor coaches will have large capacity heat and air conditioning, reading lights, air vents at each seat and operate at high speeds on highways.

Charter them for guided tours, field trips and family reunions. They can travel across states. The trips may be priced by the hour, day or miles travelled depending on the package you choose.We are proud of our facilities. Please go through some of the reviews from our satisfied customers. Contact us for quality vehicles and services to go anywhere in Canada and the United States. You can rely on our professionally trained drivers for an outstanding experience on roads.