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Choosing the Right Coach Type for Your Group

To select the right coach for your group, you need to know the group size and destination you need to travel. The amenities provided by a coach rental must be taken into consideration as well. Coach bus rentals provide different options based on your need and size of your group. If you are looking for coach rentals, get in touch with Denny Bus Lines. We have been providing bus and motor coach rentals in Ontario for destinations throughout Canada and the United States for the past 50 years.

Four things to look into when choosing the right coach type for your group are:

1. Number of Passengers in the Group

Before renting any bus, determine the number of passengers that need to be transported. Depending on the number, you can either opt for motor coaches (with the capacity of 30-56 passengers) or mini-coaches (with a capacity of 10-35 passengers). Always have extra seats in the coach bus as you might have some unexpected last-minute additions. Also, make sure you include chaperones and guides while making the list of passengers.

2. Destination

Choose a destination in advance to ensure your passenger list is ready on time. With the venue decided, you can choose motor or mini-coach rentals for your travel. Amenities or special requirements you need in your coach should be decided based on distance.

3. Budget

Your budget is the deciding factor while opting for a bus rental. The price of the coach differs depending on the availability of the bus, timings and fuel prices. Request a free quote to get an idea of the estimated price for your group.

4. Types of Buses

Some of the types of buses are:

• Motor Coach
Motor bus rentals are beneficial for long-distance travel as they come with a variety of amenities such as restroom facilities, plush reclining seats and footrests. Motor coaches should also be climate-controlled, clean and equipped with Wi-Fi to ensure the comfort and safety of every passenger.

• Mini Coach
For a single day group travel, mini coach is a premier option. Mini coaches might come with 32 or 25 passenger seating. These coaches are equipped with washrooms and plush reclining seats.

• Special Needs
Special needs ride ensure that those with special requirements can travel with ease and comfort. These vehicles are equipped with hydraulic lift and full wheelchair service, with specially trained drivers. They usually have options for 10 wheelchairs and 16 ambulatory passengers.

• School Buses
For a local day trip, you can rent school buses that have room for 47 passengers. School bus rentals are the most suitable option for a large group of people travelling to sporting events, conferences or corporate outings.

Denny Bus Lines provides premier coach bus rentals in Toronto and the surrounding areas to destinations across Canada and the United States. We also offer school buses, mini-coaches and wheelchair-accessible vans.

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