Bus Rentals in Toronto to Destinations throughout North America

From 56-passenger motor coaches and full size school buses to mini coaches and wheelchair-accessible vans, Denny Bus Lines has the vehicles - and the experienced drivers - to meet your travel needs. Denny Bus Lines provides safe, reliable bus rental that Toronto counts on for in-town travel and out-of-town journeys. We have an impeccable safety record covering over 50 years of dedicated service. We are fully licensed to conduct charters and scheduled line runs, provide school bus services, and accommodate special needs passengers. You can trust that we will deliver premier coach bus rentals in Toronto and surrounding areas to destinations across Canada and the United States.

Denny Bus Lines Handles Groups of All Sizes

Whether you have a large group or a small one, Denny Bus Lines has comfortable, climate-controlled options that offer great views and plenty of storage space. We are happy to accommodate your special needs, such as wheelchair access. For more information on bus rental in Toronto, please give us a call.

Denny Bus Lines is pleased to provide the following transportation choices:

Motor Coaches: We can accommodate 55 to 56 passengers in our motor coaches. You get access to Wi-Fi, reading lights, FM stereo and more. With restroom facilities and overhead parcel compartments, our motor coaches can be a perfect choice for your next group outing.

Mini-Coaches: It is convenient for a group of 25-32 people, but the level of comfort will be similar to motor coaches. You can rent it for small events and social gatherings.

School Buses: You can rent our buses during school hours or as per your convenience. Our rental services are available 7 days a week. It can be a perfect choice for inter-school events or picnics.

Special Needs Vehicles: Our buses are equipped with hydraulic lift, PA systems and wheelchairs. We can meet the requirements of accommodating ambulatory passengers and physically challenged people.

Benefits of Business Rental

Planning and coordinating travelling arrangements can be stressful sometimes. It is common to face logistic challenges while preparing group outing or events. You may look into various factors including the overall budget and accommodation of each member. To keep your trip organized and members together, bus rentals can be a convenient option for you. Here are some benefits of renting a bus:

• Safety and convenience in reaching your destination
• Fuel-efficient option
• Cost-effective compared to other modes of transportation
• Ease of coordination with people you are travelling
• Scope of utilizing travel time in various activities
• Rely on professional drivers for a safe journey
• Avoid security checks and baggage charges

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